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The time delta 8 stays in your body system.

The time delta 8 stay in your body system is the time a person stays alive after death. This can be measured by watching them die. The longer one lives, the more delta 8 they have. Death occurs when it reaches zero. The average human has a delta 8 of 7 days, and there are roughly 6 million people on Earth per day. Here are the factors that affect duration of THC.

  1. Body fat

This makes it harder for THC to affect the individual. The higher the body fat percentage, the less delta 8 will be in the body. The average body fat percentage is 16%-33%.

  1. Diet

This affects how long a person will have delta 8 and overall health. A high-calorie diet poses a risk for obesity with too many calories and insufficient exercise, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. A rich diet is also suspected of causing cancer, which could decrease the amount of delta-8 in a person drastically (if it doesn’t kill them). Nutrition is essential in allowing you to live longer with delta 8. Healthy and nutritious diets are recommended.

  1.  Gender

There may be a difference in how long delta 8 remains in the body for males and females, but this is just a theory based on an observation of no official research. This was observed in R. Tashjian’s book “Anatomy of a Drug” as well as other sources, but no examination has been conducted to confirm this theory. If a woman smokes more than a man, then she would have more delta 8 in her body than the man after smoking due to higher estrogen levels (only if it is not metabolized).

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  1. Activity level

This depends on the amount of exercise taken by an individual. If a person is inactive, the THC will not degrade as quickly as it should. If a person is very active, the THC could outlast them, which would be degraded faster.

  1. Smoking frequency

The more often a person smokes marijuana, the higher their delta 8 amount gets in their system since THC is stored in fat and will deplete over time. The older you get, the more your body stores THC and degrades it slower. It is recommended to smoke once every day or two to keep your delta 8 level at its highest potential.

  1. Gender, Body fat %, and Activity Level

No official studies have been done to confirm if there is a difference in delta 8 amount when comparing males and females, body fat percentage, and activity level.

  1. Heart attacks, strokes, and cancer

Heart attacks, strokes, and cancer all contribute to causing a decrease in the amount of delta 8 in a person’s system because this will cause them to die quicker due to these health situations.