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Some Information About CT Scan That One Should Know

CT scan is computerized tomography, a method through which a combined series of X-ray images are taken of the body from different positions and angles. The images are taken using computer processes to create cross-sectional images of the bones, tissues, and blood vessels. CT scan is the way one can obtain more detailed information than an x-ray or other processes. There are many uses of CT scan, first is it can examine people suffering from internal injuries from car accidents and other traumas. Second is the help of the scan, the body can be diagnosed, and diseases can be identified easily.

How to prepare for the CT scan 

Knowing how to prepare for the CT scan; depends on what body part is to be scanned.

  • One needs to remove some or all of their clothing and wear a gown provided by the hospital.
  • Before the scan, all the metal objects like belts, dentures, jewelry, and spectacles should be removed as these can interfere with the results of the images.
  • One should not eat or drink for a few hours before the CT scan

Why are CT scans done?

There are several times when the doctors recommend the patients to get a CT scan because of the following reasons:

  • These scans are done to diagnose the muscles and bones related disorders and to identify tumors and fractures present in the bones.
  • CT scans help identify the location of tumors, blood clots, or infections in the body.
  • It can help guide the procedure of surgery, radiation therapy, and biopsy related to cancer.
  • It helps to monitor and detect conditions, disorders, and diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, liver masses, and lung-related diseases.
  • CT scan helps to monitor the effectiveness of treatments that are going on for cancer treatment or any other diseases or disorders.
  • It helps to detect the internal bleeding or injuries caused due infections or accidents.


CT scan is a process that is helpful in the medical industry as it helps doctors identify many diseases and disorders and other related things. One should know how to prepare for a CT scan, as it is essential for the procedure; if not followed correctly, there can be variations in the result images leading to a problem in treatment.