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Shop Wooden Vanities by considering these points

There are many different types of bathroom vanity units, such as those that separate a sink from a toilet and are essentially cabinets that sit around a sink’s base.Small bathrooms benefit from these because they make effective use of the space between the sink and the toilet. They can also conceal ugly pipework, though you should keep in mind they make it harder to fix issues with the plumbing.

In addition to their size, Wooden Vanity Unit can include different storage options, such as shelves, drawers, etc. Keep in mind the areas you will need to dedicate for loo roll holders and the storage of toilet paper rolls because some units include such storage.There are a variety of sink units for bathrooms, including units with marble effect or stone worktops, that can add another layer of design and a different feel to your bathroom.

A vanity unit that covers the sink pedestal can make use of the space even more, or you can even have a ‘floating’ basin that rests on top of the unit or is embedded into it. If there is plenty of room, you could have a much wider Wooden Vanity Unit.

Considering the positives and negatives of bathrooms, let’s think about the pros and cons.

Wooden Vanity Unit

Advantages of using wood:

  • Wood stimulates besides touching the nose and over time absorbs odours in an imperceptible manner by its warmth
  • No other material can provide the same sensory experience
  • Natural wood has an unbeatable aesthetic appearance: grain patterns, imperfections, small holes, and different colour shades are all features that differentiate a wooden surface from others
  • Exclusiveness: certain species, in particular, bring an unrivalled elegance and value to furniture items, including furniture made from them

Drawbacks of wood vanity unit:

  • If it is not treated, wood absorbs water and humidity, making it susceptible to permanent damage
  • As wood changes over time, itscolour and shape change invisibly as it adapts to the amount of dampness and light in the room
  • For example, teak needs to be brushed to stay preserved it is not the right choice for someone who doesn’t have the time to devote to its care