How can we find the best hair straighteners?

How can we find the best hair straighteners?

While some of us prefer having our hair straightened in salons, others prefer to style their hair at home with hair straighteners. All hair types respond well to hair straighteners, also referred to as flat irons. They are simple to use and keep up. Modern hair straighteners have features and attachments that are good for styling hair. Before choosing a hair straightener, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Your hair texture has a great deal to do with the straightener you choose. You might need a hair straightener with low or adaptable heat settings if you have fine, delicate, colored, or naturally straight hair. High temperatures and somewhat wider heating plates are necessary for thick and curly hair. Two heating plates, made of various substances like titanium, ceramic, and tourmaline, are included with the hair straighteners. Some fashion designers employ infrared technology that is gentle on hair. Keeping these aside, one of the brands for straightener hair that we can prefer is NuMe.

More things to know

Wet and dry irons are another option. The most popular ones are hair straighteners with ceramic plates. Because they heat up quickly, they work well on thin, mildly frizzy, and curly hair. They effectively straighten hair by evenly dispersing heat. However, some straighteners only have ceramic coatings. Although they are less expensive, the layer on them could eventually wear off.

Tourmaline hair straighteners have frictionless plates. They have glass-like smooth surfaces, which makes them perfect for fine or coloured hair. They not only make your hair straighter but also smoother and more shiny.

Titanium-plated hair straighteners are thought to be the most efficient. They heat up fast and keep their temperatures steady. They cost more and are used by hair specialists. Unless your hair is extremely thick, curly, or coarse, you won’t need them.


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