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Why You Want to Get Free BTC Now?

Over past some years, Bitcoin has solidified as the most genuine investment asset over several industries. With the growing attention and increasing value from the world’s biggest companies out there, Bitcoin is actually riding exceptional high at present. With this rise, many people are thinking if there is any way to get free bitcoin without investing much. Last year was stellar for Bitcoin, because of the COVID-19 impacts, many companies had to move from cash or various other assets that were not providing returns & used BTC as a hedge.

How to Earn Free Bitcoins Online?

Many people think that because BTC is the new type of digital currency, there’s any magical way to get Bitcoins or earn money from it very easily. But to tell you Bitcoin is like other currency available. As there is not any easy and risk free method to make fast money there is not any magical way of earning Bitcoin either.  Whereas cryptocurrencies might hold new possibilities to produce income but the fundamentals are the same – so you will have to invest your time and money to earn money.

Free bitcoin

Get paid in BTC

To earn bitcoin you will need to work to get it, basically it is actually free, so technically you are working for Bitcoin you may get from the faucet or a reward. There’re many different ways you can accomplish this:

  • Asking for the Bitcoin donations on the website through the wallet address or QR code
  • Request your manager to pay in Bitcoin. In case you really want it, then you will have to request for the part of your salary or wages in Bitcoin. Even though it is totally safe to think that at such stage, most of the employers would say no.
  • Working for the firm that pays in Bitcoin, for instance, if you are into freelancing work for the cryptocurrency business and have the reputation as reliable service provider, then you can get be in Bitcoin.


So, we can see that there are many different ways to make bitcoins right away. Obviously, the simplest way will be to buy bitcoins, however it is definitely not a cheapest method to earn Bitcoins. There’re many different methods to get bitcoin and some are labor-intensive, whereas others allow you get bitcoins quickly. Naturally, profitability is one important aspect that you have to take in consideration.