Tips for Taking Your Dog to a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Tips for Taking Your Dog to a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Dogs who are well-behaved are excellent hotel guests. They don’t steal towels or get drunk enough to keep the neighbors up all night. Nowadays, there are a plethora of motels around the country that accept pets. You may stay in a variety of accommodations, ranging from cheap motels to charming bed-and-breakfast inns to opulent hotels. The basic canine etiquette guidelines in pet friendly hotels vail, however, remain universal.

Check to Make Sure It’s Pet-Friendly

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Because not all hotels welcome four-legged visitors, double-check if the hotel is pet-friendly. Many pet-friendly hotels make this clear on their websites. If you’re using a third-party booking site, follow the instructions to discover pet-friendly hotels veil .However, policies can change, and some pet-friendly hotels may no longer accept pets. It’s a good idea to double-check if at all feasible. Contact the hotel directly if you’re booking via a third-party site and the hotel doesn’t have a website or you can’t locate their pet policy there.

Any Pet Restrictions are a waste of time.

Even if a hotel allows pets, there may be limits on the kind of pets that are allowed. To begin with, most pet-friendly hotels only allow dogs and cats, or maybe only dogs. Don’t bother taking your pet snake with you. A limit weight sometimes as low as 5kg or 11lbs, a maximum number of pets per room (typically only one or two), and even breed restrictions are all frequent restrictions. Many pet-friendly hotels have a generic provision that says “pets are permitted on request.” This covers a wide range of situations.

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