Thailand – The Perfect Destination For Family Getaways

Thailand – The Perfect Destination For Family Getaways

Thailand is grabbing the attention of the holidaymakers from around the globe. It is becoming the most appreciated tourist destination in the world. This is the most attractive place that I have visited during my last family vacation. I found many interesting things across Thailand that I enjoyed to the fullest. Located in South East Asia, Thailand is considered as the perfect base for exploring the other countries of Southeast Asia. It is famed for its panoramic scenery, white sandy beaches and inviting tropical climate. It attracts tourists round the year and I visited this country to experience and enjoy the fulfilling charm and beauty the country has to offer. Today it is becoming the most visited tourist destination in South East Asia. So, I personally recommended this country to adventure seekers because I never found a similar adventure and trill anywhere else like offered by this country during my vacation.

If you are wondering which place will be better for your family vacation, then without a second thought you may select this ultimate getaway to treat your family in a most adventurous way. This country catered all my vacation needs perfectly and made it a remarkable holiday experience.

Pattaya – A Sea-Side Resort Popular For Go-Go and Beer Bar  

Pattaya – A Sea-Side Resort Popular For Go-Go and Beer Bar   

Pattaya is one of my favorite places in Thailand not only because of the sandy beaches but also for the nightlife of the place. This is sea-side resort town that is located in close vicinity to the country’s capital, Bangkok. The primary international airport is located very close to this place; this is the reason why I explored this place at the very first. This place is well connected with other parts of the country and you can explore the nearby island with the help of modern motorway. I explored several attractions in this destination and the beaches were quite good for basking.

Phuket – Paradise For Adventure Seekers   

This is the largest island in the country. The sandy beaches and the attractions of this place attract thousands of tourists round the year. There are several beaches in the Phuket where I enjoyed most of my time basking. Besides, I also enjoyed different water sports. There are different types of hotels and resorts available where you can stay during your visit to this place. There are several beautiful mountains and loads of things that you can enjoy. You will also find various small islands near Phuket. The nightlife in this place is quite impressive.

Hau Hin and Cham – The two Popular Town          

Your visit to Thailand would not get completed if you miss visiting these two popular towns located near Bangkok. If you really want to enjoy your vacation in Thailand style, then go visit these two popular towns and you will notice the real realm of Thailand.

5 Picks From  The Best Cricket Test Batsmen Of All Time

5 Picks From  The Best Cricket Test Batsmen Of All Time

Test cricket is the best form of this game. It tests the patience, perseverance, and character of a cricket. If a player does well at the test cricket level, he definitely excels in the other formats of the game and on the other hand, if he does well in other formats, it’s no guarantee that he would be exceptional at the test cricket level. But, the best cricket test batsmen of all time are regarded as being capable of playing any format.


It is for this reason that the test cricket format is known as the test of mettle for every young batsman. It doesn’t matter how good a youngster performs in a variety of other formats. According to experts, his true test is when he dons white and displays his skills in the five-day format.

Five Picks From The Greatest Test Cricket Batsmen Of All Time

  1. Rahul Dravid:

There has never been a cricketer who is as solid in defense as Rahul Dravid. He has always inspired the youth and aspiring cricketers with his technique. Rahul Dravid was a specialist test batsman and was called “The wall” for his solid defense.

  1. Kumar Sangakkara:

He is a natural test cricket player. His technique is very strong and this is the reason why he is still staying strong in the Sri Lankan lineup. Kumar Sangakkara is a wicket-keeper of the team and is known to be one of the best cricket test batsmen of all time.

  1. Steve Waugh:

The former Australian captain, Steve Waugh stood very tough in front of powerful West Indian bowling line up. He was the rescuer of the Australian team on many occasions, playing out sessions and saving his team from defeat while playing with tailenders and surviving. He is rightly regarded as one of the best Australian cricketers of all time and the most successful captain.

  1. Sunil Gavaskar:

Sunil Gavaskar is undoubtedly one of the best cricket test batsmen of all time. He was a composed player who was full of concentration while batting. It was very difficult to dismiss him in test cricket and he successfully survived the lethal West Indian fast bowlers against all odds. The little master is regarded as one of the best batsmen to have ever played the game.

  1. Hashim Amla:

He is the new crop of the South African team and known as Mr. Dependable. Hashim Amla is in great form currently and remains to be one of the best cricket test batsmen of all time. He is well on his way to becoming one of the most respected cricketers of all time for his down to earth attitude and respect for sportsmanship.